R videos

How to download and install R
How to download new packages and update to new version of R
Reading in text, csv, csv2, excel, tab delimited, fixed width, and SAS files
How to get your data into R
Help with R function, search help, search r-project.org
Using R scripts, saving work as pdf and eps files
sum, mean, median, minimum, maximum, standard deviation
How to create a sequence with various restrictions
generating numbers from normal, uniform, t, and chi-square distribution, setting seed
Random Samples and Permutations
How to read in dates of various formats
time intervals and time sequences
dividing graphics window,linear model,adding a line,identifying points,qqnorm and qqline functions,box cox transformation
reading in file, quantiles, boxplot, histogram, regression
goodness of fit test, pbinom function
finding 'n', finding power, paired t.test, power for proportion test
resampling, confidence intervals, histograms
stack function, omitting cases, identify points
basic Analysis of Variance
assigning factor levels and Analysis of Variance table
ANOVA with Interaction term
ANOVA, mixed effects model (lmer)